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  1. Toward Urban Farming in Tropical Lowlands with Adaptive Greenhouse Technology
  2. Choosing the Best UAV Drones for Precision Agriculture and Smart Farming: Agricultural drone buyer’s guide for farmers and agriculture service professionals
  3. An Introduction to Controlled Greenhouse Plant Production Systems For Tropical Lowlands
  4. Robotic Harvesting of Fruiting Vegetables, “Acceleration by Simulation”
  5. Integration of Smart Sensors and Robotics in Increasing Agricultural Productivity with Higher Yields at Lower Costs [Prezi link]
  6. A Breakthrough in Oil Palm Precision Agriculture: Smart Management of Oil Palm Plantations with Autonomous UAV Imagery and Robust Machine Vision
  7. Simulation of Visual Servo Control for Robotic Harvesting of Fruits (In V-REP and ROS)
  8. A Framework for Adaptive Control and Management of Plant Production systems
  9. Determining Peak-Hours of Cooling Requirement For Greenhouse Production Of Tomato in Tropical Lowland Climate Condition
  10. Prediction of Vapor Pressure Deficit for Sustainable Greenhouse Production under Tropical Climate Condition
  11. Evaluation of Air Temperature, Relative Humidity And Vapor Pressure Deficit In Tropical Lowland Plant Production Environments
  12. MATLAB Curve Fitting and Artificial Neural Network Applications for Prediction of Microclimate Parameters in Greenhouse Environment
  13. Ideal levels of Vapor Pressure Deficit in Greenhouse Production
  14. Evaporative cooling and Air conditioning in a Greenhouse system
  15. Full-state feedback controller for a tractor active suspension
  16. Simulation of control systems for a field survey mobile platform
  17. Extracting Performance Parameters of a Citrus Mechanical Harvesting Machine from Yield Data
  18. Analysis of reflectance spectra for identification of vegetation substance
  19. Global Positioning System in Precision Agriculture
  20. Coastal Priority Ranking (CPR) for Oil spill Management
  21. Computer Simulation of Agricultural Mechanization Problems